"Together we make the history" - exhibition of photo-archives of Wieniawa's inhabitants, Public Library in Wieniawa, Poland, 2012.

The purpose of this project was to draw attention of local community from Wieniawa to the problem of abandoned old photographs.
It happened quite commonly that old photos were not prised at all. They were kept at attics, cellars, barns, where they were exposed to faster decay processes. I decided together with local librarians to organise "Together we make the history" action. The title was borrowed from a football mundial EURO 2012, which was on at that time in Poland and Ukraine. I liked the idea of referring to that macro-scale European event and using it on a micro-scale at small village.
There was a call made to locals and so they started bringing old photos to the library.
With the oldest photo dated at 20's of the previous century gathered photos created photographic archive of history of that territory showing variety of situations from ordinary life on farms to work in fields, to wedding and burial ceremonies.
The exhibition I prepared consisted of selected photographs that were carefully restored to beautiful pictures, enlarged and described - who brought it and what was at it. There is a plan to publish an album of all gathered photos.